Night Skies... Vs... Night Terrors

Have you ever parked  just to be able to look at all the stars in the sky? My parents used to live in a little town in Ontario and on our way back to Toronto, we used to stop on the side of the road, just to look at the stars. There was nothing like that in Toronto and the sheer number of twinkling lights in the sky would take your breath away.

We now live in the prairies and I can wait until it gets warm enough to go outside and sit on the porch just to be able to look up! Yes, the sky really is bigger in the prairies ;)   at least it seems so. I'm still amazed at how far the sky stretches when everything is flat!!

So yes, night thoughts can be scary, but night skies can also be amazing. You just never know if someone way up there is looking back down at you... wondering about you!

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