Can't You Just Imagine...

Wouldn't this make for a great dream... Who do you want to take with you? ;)

photo credit... morguefile


Tonight's Sky

Even the music is soothing if you keep it low!

Dreaming of This...

Now wouldn't this be worth dreaming about? Can you picture yourself here. Winter suddenly takes on a romantic aura and for all of you writers out there, a very romantic setting.

Maybe you have even been here. I have a few years ago and it is positively gorgeous and if the decor isn't enough to "wow" you, the ghost story just might. ;)


A World of Our Own

Have you ever wondered about a dream that is too different to be just a normal dream? I'm sure that I'm not the only one! It sometimes makes you wonder if there is indeed parallel universes doesn't it. I'm becoming more fascinated by the day!


Tonight is for dreaming... :)

They say that if you tell yourself to dream about something specific, you can do just that. So tonight before you close your eyes, decide on what you want to dream about. Your mind is an amazing thing!