God is Closer Than You Think

Faith is not believing that God can it's knowing that he will Vinyl Lettering Wall Sayings Home Art DecorGod is as close as your own breath... for god is always with you as the spiritual life force that dwells in your breath. Andy Caponigro

Isn't that a nice thought to close the day!!


Twilit Wooded River in Snow

Twilit Wooded River in the Snow

I could almost learn to like the winter if this is what I looked out at each evening!


A Mug of Cocoa will do you good...

Grasslands Road Nature's Elements 12-Ounce "with God..." Faith Mug
Throat is sore again, I'm cold and feel miserable. I should head for bed,  but all I can think of is a nice hot cup of cocoa... and that's where I'm headed right now.  And yes, I add a pinch of cinnamon to it. Just makes it taste that much better!


No one should be sick at Christmas...

... but I have been since mid December so I'm planning on even a better Christmas next year! We have been vacationing in Florida and you would think that I would be nice and cozy down here, but I'm chilled to the bone. I want to play on the beach, drink margaritas (which I did manage on New Year's Eve) but still feel like crap! Going to make a nice cup of hot tea and try to warm myself up. I don't even want to think of how cold it is in Chicago!

And yes... this was our Christmas tree for this year! Next year, we will do better! It was our own little Charlie Brown tree... florida style!
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