Capri Lantern | Pottery Barn

Well, it's the end of the month before the fence is put in and no date yet for the deck. I sure hope that it gets completed before the summer draws to an end... but I don't want to go there! I want summer to simply go on and on and on. Last night I was looking out the window and saw hundreds of tiny blinking lights from my bedroom. I think we have lightening bugs here!! I haven't seen them since I was a little kid! I was mesmerized. Which leads me to lanterns.

I have a few in the basement still tucked away since our move, but I think that I will dig them out today and settle them around the porch. Might as well put them to use!! But I know I'm not going to have enough. Can you ever have too many lanterns?? I just spotted these from Pottery Barn and I think that I will be paying them a visit sometime soon.

Capri Lantern | Pottery Barn

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