One Cocktail Dress... 100 Ways

Who has time to worry about what they are going to wear to their next party? Wouldn't it just be easier to wear the same dress... until you are sick to death of it? Well, that's not likely to happen with this dress. You can play around with it to create new looks to your hearts content. It's even reversible! Go to the site and take a look. Couldn't grab you a picture, so you will just have to take a look and then you can tell me what color you would pick! The dress is called... The Fancy by Hayley Starr and it retails for $280.00! I have a feeling that you are going to love it! And my favorite color... the olive/gold! Always did have a thing for this shade! I just might be in need of a new dress for this year's Christmas parties... this would do quite nicely!

Hayley *

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