Real haunted Houses to Check out

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You can visit those pretend to be haunted sites, but what about the places that really are haunted?? I can't think of anything cooler than this. Lets go and see what there is in my new home state of Illinois!

The House of Crosses
Why would someone cover a house in crosses?? There has to be a story there don't you think? I wonder why someone hasn't dug deeper??

The Old Slave House
Go and take a look at the house. Unfortunately it has been closes which means it's going to draw even more people to look for ghosts.

Baymont Inn and Suites

It seems that room #208 is just a wee bit haunted. That's the story that the staff are sticking with and who better would know.

Bachelors Grove Cemetery

If you were so lucky to be murdered by a gangster in the 20s, this is probably where you would have been buried. It has gained the reputation for being the most haunted cemetery in the Chicago area. Everything from ghostly faces to ghostly vintage cars have been spotted.

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